New Orleans has always been a place where people come to find some good food and a little bit of fun. You will find folks taking a break to come and enjoy some of the country's best jazz musicians while others make a yearly pilgrimage to come down for Mardi Gras. The people and businesses of Old Algiers want tourists to know that there is plenty to do on the opposite side of the Mississippi River as well. Here are some of the fun choices that this city presents.

RiverFest is one of the largest events that the city holds throughout the year. It takes place in the middle of April and includes a street festival, food, and many cultural events. This festival is meant to highlight the sounds of indigenous and jazz music while using the backdrop of the beautiful riverfront. In the past it has featured artists that are known throughout the world for their contributions to this style of music. People listen to it in the car and while they are relaxing. You will find gospel choirs, brass bands, and traditional jazz on the schedule.

One of the best ways to get to Old Algiers and Algiers Point from New Orleans is by ferry. Once you set foot on this side of the river you can look back to great skyline views and can experience the charm and the culture of the area. This neighborhood has roots all the way back to 1870 and still maintains the feel of being a small village within itself. If you're taking a break from work you will find some peace and quiet and great people here.

There are now three miles of riverfront where you can stroll, bike or bring a picnic. This is definitely somewhere you could spend the day with kids who are still in diapers all the way up to those that have been retired for years. You will find a variety of specialty stores, art studios, and cute little cafes. There are also many bed and breakfasts in the area for those that would rather stay in something more intimate while in town other than a standard hotel downtown.

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