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New Orleans tends to be ranked as the crown jewel in Louisiana's tourism crown, and for good reason. Its Cajun culture, historic architecture, world class festivals, and musical heritage make it the obvious choice for any individual who's looking for a hot vacation destination. However, Louisiana is a big state, so if you've seen New Orleans and you think you've already explored all the state has to offer, think again! Here are some other great places to visit in Louisiana.

Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge is the capitol of Louisiana and in addition to being a major industrial and shipping hub it is also the seat of art and culture. The city has a Mardi Gras party to rival New Orleans, a yearly hot air balloon festival, world class galleries, art museums, theaters, and points of architectural interest, and its own symphony orchestra. So if you're in town for business, stay a couple extra days and take in the sights.

Bayou Country

Louisiana is a state with a lot of river systems, which create unique wetland areas in low lying parts of the state that are called bayous. Commonly found in the Gulf Coast area of Louisiana near the Mississippi River, a trip to the bayous is a step backward in time. You'll forget all about your job as a landscape designer as you witness these preserved areas, which are home to everything from crayfish to crocodiles and talk to some of the peculiar people who live in these areas.

Salt Domes

Do you enjoy geology? If so, then a road trip to Northern Louisiana is a must for you. The state's astounding salt domes is located here. Many would appreciate the hidden treasures of this area. In this former marine area you will find many types of fossils throughout the state. There are many ways to enjoy this area. Camping and water sports are some of the ways to partake in the fun to be had in Northern Louisiana.

Paddle Steamer Cruise

One of the most internationally recognized symbols of Mississippi River culture is the paddle steamer. Decades ago these boats cruised the river regularly and can still be found as part of Louisiana's tourism offerings. Whether you take a day trip on a casino steamer to blow off some steam or take a multi-night cruise of the river, a paddle steamer cruise will take you back to turn of the century Louisiana.

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