Old Algiers may not look like any other place in the world, but if you were to come and live here you would likely have the same issues with your neighbors as you would have if you had bought Alaskan real estate instead. You might resent your neighbor's dog for pooping on your lawn, their cat for digging up your flower beds, or their kids for constantly leaving their toys lying around. Often the best solution to neighborly conflict is a fence. Here are some options and their pros and cons.


Wood is one of the most popular materials for fencing because it is relatively cheap, easy to work with, and customizable. If you want to keep horses from escaping a stable, you can build a tall rail fence. If you just want to keep the neighbor's dog out, you can build a short picket fence. If privacy is your aim, you can build your fence out of lattice or slotted boards set close together. The best thing about a wood fence is that you can build it yourself.

Wrought Iron

If your problem lies more in the realm of wayward alligators, you'll need to use something stronger than wood. Wrought iron is a popular option. It will keep people and large animals off of your property without blocking your view. Wrought iron also looks much more elegant than wood, which would suit the aesthetic of a historic neighborhood like Old Algiers much better than a lattice fence, however, it is very expensive.

Chain Link

Chain link fences are easily the ugliest type of fence, so they're more likely to be used in industrial settings where aesthetics are not an issue. Still, there may be some situations in which you would want a chain link fence. They're cheaper than wrought iron but still tough enough to keep out critters and wayward teenagers, and like wrought iron, they don't block your view completely. They can even be topped with razor wire if security is an issue.


Stone is the most time consuming and expensive fencing material to work with, but it is also the most formidable type of fence. Nothing, not the prying eyes of neighbors, their aggressively digging dogs, nor burglars can get past a tall stone fence with a sharp stone edge top. Stone fences or walls, when short and smooth topped, can also double as benches and will suit the look of a English historical home.

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